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The most urgent and effective ways to bypass websites blocking

In recent years more and more countries trying to toughen Internet censorship by limiting access to various websites at the Internet. Not only the states with tight restrictive policies, but also such democratically developed countries as participants of the European Union and the USA were engaged in blocking of the websites which haven’t undergone censorship. There is nothing bad in censorship, but the list of the forbidden resources often happens too rigid and critical. For example, because of several pages which aren’t undergoing censorship, the government of the country can block the whole website. Periodically the websites leave “black list” but Internet service providers not attended in the removal of blocking. The separate subject – strict administration forbidding subordinates to look through videos on YouTube, to communicate with friends on social networks, watch movies, etc.

But for those users who intend to visit this or that forbidden website there will always be methods to bypass prohibitions. The essence of the lock is extremely simple – the server in case of access to network “checks” the request from you with “black list”. If necessary for you website is in that list, then the request is denied. Thus, the task of the user – to make so that the server “didn’t understand” that you wish to visit the forbidden site. It is possible to make it in several ways.

  1. Usually censorship in the state extends to residents of this state. If the user “put on a mask” of a foreigner, then it will be simple to bypass any blocking. This can be done with the help of the correctly chosen VPN service. But there are a lot of VPN services and you can easily get confused. The effectiveness of them can be different too, therefore in order not to suffer from low traffic speed, choose quality services – to find one go read advanced reviews of best VPN on AntaNET website and choose the option which will suit you best of all in the list. It is known that virtual networks can be paid and free. It is important to remember that price strongly affects the quality of services therefore for the single application you can choose a free network, but for constant use it is better to choose paid option. Settings are usually extremely simple, but it is possible to setup automatic configuration of the browser so it will be automatically connected to the VPN.
  2. Turbo mode. Yandex, Opera and some other browsers offer to their user’s such service as Turbo mode. Its essence is in that the data from the disabled website will be delivered not to the user, but to the server of the browser. At the server data will acquire smaller size and that will make an effect on traffic speed. The provider will “think” that browser has access to the disabled website, but not user. The Turbo mode isn’t always convenient as it can distort data, but it helps to quickly obtain necessary information from blocked resource.
  3. Proxy server. Very often bypass of blocked content is executed through the intermediary which role-playing proxy server. The provider sees that between the user and certain service is proxy therefore doesn’t “turn on” block of the forbidden Many proxy servers look as the normal websites in the field of which it is possible to go to resource interesting for you. The majority of proxy server services are free.
  4. The same scheme as with proxy – the user obtains data from the website through the intermediary. The intermediary at the same time will be not the company but the same user, as well as you. To be exact – a whole chain of users. You write request. After it is picked up by other person, it ciphered and sent to the next. Through several “links” of this chain there is a “road” to website necessary for you. As the browser doesn’t see what information you looked for, blocking doesn’t happen. In the same tangled way the user receives a reply of its request.

Nanotechnologies lend a helping hand to handicapped individuals

Nanotechnology has a great impact in today’s world. One of the most curious and promising field in medicine is tissue regeneration. Doctors have practiced tissue regeneration for many years ago, however, the list of already created organs extended with a new item. Wisconsin University is famous for their brilliant achievements in medicine. So, scientists from there have studied the way of creating vocal cords from several donated cells.

Dr. Nathan Velham has found a tissue that could be appropriate for the mucous membrane of the vocal cords, which is represented by two petals ligaments. Namely, this tissue allows you to produce a vibrating human speech without transplantation them from another body. These unnatural vocal cords are made from donor cells of five volunteer patients. During two weeks, scientists and lab worker were growing tissue under appropriate conditions. Then, these cells added to an artificial larynx layout. Continue reading

Types Of Latex Paints & Their Technical Characteristics

Latex paints represent emulsions containing polymer particles that are not dissolved in water, which, after evaporation of the water, turn into sealed plastic film. The surfaces painted with this type of paint are characterised by noteworthy flatness and smoothness. These paints are mainly utilised for painting the ceiling and walls where there is no need for wet cleaning. Although it is washed off quite quickly, it is practical, beautiful, economical and safe for health material, and its price is really affordable.

Acrylic latex paints are water-resistant enough to paint concrete or plastered surfaces, as well as brick and plasterboard walls. It dries quickly and does not smell, it’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly and looks nice. Depending on the main components in the composition, the types are divided into:

  • Acrylic latex paint, different from the simple acrylic with the addition of latex, which gives elasticity, firmness and durability. Of course, it costs more, and it is more frequently applied in the exteriors.
  • Silicate paint is ideal for interior and exterior painting on brick cement concrete or limestone walls and ceilings. It is not afraid of rain and snow, while special additives provide high quality and reliable paint adhesion to the surface, resulting in reduced expenses. A trendy option, the materials are manufactured by the leading, innovative firms like Britannia, focused on manufacturing of exterior wall coatings
  • The silicone paint is the most popular of all types of water-based paints. Due to emulsify silicone resin this paint is strong enough to repel water, resistant to temperature changes and mechanical stress. Therefore, it is used for painting the facade of buildings and areas of buildings. One of the significant drawbacks is poor air permeability, elevated levels of moisture and the risk of mold formation.

Technical characteristics overview

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A step by step Roman concrete production process

If you burn the pieces of limestone on high heat, the stone sequentially release water and carbon dioxide forming carbon dioxide acid, as the temperature rise. At about 900°C, limestone represents anhydrous product of calcium oxide – white pieces of quicklime. This is the first conversion of limestone.

You should be very careful with these white stones as quicklime can eat away your hands, clothes and shoes. It ‘eats’ everything like sulfuric acid. If a pile of lime stones is watered it will hiss and boil, and bulges will rise above it. White pieces of lime quickly turn into a fine powder. A minute later the boiling stops. Thus lime is transformed in the so-called ‘hydrated lime’.

Dry hydrate is a dry powder to the touch. Poured on quicklime water got bound with it and the second transformation of limestone took place.

When you mix lime powder with water it won’t boil, but it will turn into dough with the technical name of the calcium hydroxide. The more water added to it, the more liquid it becomes. If the dough is tightly closed on top with soil, it will not harden for decades and still becomes very ductile. If the dough is left in the air, it will soon be covered with a hard crust and gradually turn into stone. Batter is the third conversion of limestone. It is almost ready to glue. The word ‘almost’ means that such dough can not be good to glue the bricks or stones as pure lime putty quickly dries and cracks. To avoid this, you need to have the dough mixed with sand. This mixture is called mortar and mortar transition into the solid stone – the fourth and fifth steps of limestone conversion. This is the most important and difficult stage of lime hardening.

A transition of mortar or concrete in a stone-limestone or calcium carbonate is known as hardening of the carbonate of lime binders. At ordinary temperatures it is made up of two simultaneous processes: evaporation of water from the lime paste (fourth conversion), with the gradual formation of a crystalline skeleton of calcium hydroxide (fifth conversion).

The process of crystallisation of calcium hydroxide is very slow. Evaporation of water causes gradual crystallisation and coalescence of its smallest particles into larger ones and. Growing crystals are fused together, forming limestone skeleton that surrounds the particles of sand. These two processes take place almost simultaneously and tested intensively for the presence of moisture and carbon dioxide.

The film of calcium carbonate formed during the initial period of hardening of the solution on its surface, impedes ingress of carbon dioxide into the inner layers of calcium hydroxide. As a result of the carbonisation process it is almost suspended and the hardening of the stone is mainly due to crystallisation, where necessary reduced humidity and positive temperature.

As a result of the formation of crystalline aggregates the strength of mortar air lime is very weak, and only after 28 days the hardening of 0.5 MPa is formed. Of course, the technical conditions no longer fit the concept of modern construction – these processes are speeded up and the companies like Telling, a largest UK construction agency widely applying hydraulic lime and lime mortar solutions, take advantage of artificial speeding methods. Back to the process, the resulting compound is not stable to water and frost. However, as a result of the ongoing process of carbonation, the strength of the mortar and concrete is increased by 5-7 times or more, but the process is very slow – for tens and hundreds of years.

Ultrasound Application In Air Purification

Ultrasound is used in a wide array of non-standard treatment cases based on other physical principles of action. Such manufacturers like Hilsonic provide an opportunity of building custom ultrasound solutions and ultrasonic cleaner equipment in particular, allowing businesses and governmental organisations solve the most sophisticated tasks.

One of the major technical problems of today is the purification of polluted air from dust, smoke, fumes, mists, metal oxides, and so on. The smallest particles of matter from factory chimneys factory direct upwards, and then carried by wind over long distances. For example, the gray-fly on the leaves of trees and on surrounding objects is the sign of a cement plant somewhere around. Thousands of tons of cement plants exhale the smallest particles sputtered during firing. The same thing happens on the chemical, alabaster, gas and other enterprises.

So is this this problem solvable? For a long time technologists have been using the dust collecting units, which operation is based on different principles, consisting of dust chamber, rotary dust collectors, centrifugal separators, electrostatic precipitators, and so on. However, all these devices are cumbersome and not always effective enough. Therefore, scientists continue to look for new ways to speed up and improve the quality of air purification and gas pollution. Since 1967 symposium in Poland, scientists are working on reducing air pollution. Some scholars are noting in their reports promising ultrasonic method of air purification, due to an extensive set of noteworthy features. It does not depend on the temperature and humidity environment and can be easily automated as ultrasonic devices are totally easy to use. Continue reading

The Installation Of Cranes With Two Supportive Mechanisms

Gantry cranes are typically used at open space warehouses, mainly for general cargo, containers and timber, for installation of prefabricated industrial and civil buildings, maintenance of hydropower plants and partial assembly in shipbuilding. They are produced mainly with hoists or with special lifting devices. General purpose crane spans are usually 4-40 m; in serving shipbuilding stocks up to 170 m. The capacity of these cranes is 3-50 tons and for maintenance of hydropower plants and the stocks reaches 400-800 m (in some cases 1,600 tons – two trolleys of 800 tons). Capacity for small as a trolley used for self-propelled electric hoists. For the installation of large items (such as shipbuilding) cranes with two trolleys are used, allowing the load to turn over weight. The manufacturing of this equipment is conducted by medium and large businesses, focusing on custom and serial equipment manufacturing, such as Granada Material Handling, a far-famed gantry hoist and overhead crane manufacturer, servicing both UK and EU markets.

Installation of cranes with a two supports

A common requirement for the installation of gantry cranes is to the ensure minimum labor intensity and cost. Gantry cranes with a two legs are usually constructed with pillars hinged to the bridge. This allows you to tap by tightening self-lifting grounds rack mounting tackles. Previously, cranes with with lifting capacity of 5 – 12.5 m performed this operation without the use of other mechanisms: the running trolley supplied cable reel devices, allowing for the period of installation to connect the drum to the drive.

Recently, these drums are provided only in cranes designed for construction works (frequent relocation). Sometimes pulley cage assembly is mounted on racks, but mainly limited device lugs to connect them. For the tightening pulley winches or other tractors are used. Continue reading