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Nanotechnologies lend a helping hand to handicapped individuals

Nanotechnology has a great impact in today’s world. One of the most curious and promising field in medicine is tissue regeneration. Doctors have practiced tissue regeneration for many years ago, however, the list of already created organs extended with a new item. Wisconsin University is famous for their brilliant achievements in medicine. So, scientists from there have studied the way of creating vocal cords from several donated cells.

Dr. Nathan Velham has found a tissue that could be appropriate for the mucous membrane of the vocal cords, which is represented by two petals ligaments. Namely, this tissue allows you to produce a vibrating human speech without transplantation them from another body. These unnatural vocal cords are made from donor cells of five volunteer patients. During two weeks, scientists and lab worker were growing tissue under appropriate conditions. Then, these cells added to an artificial larynx layout. Continue reading