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Content Marketing For Newbies: Making The Right First Steps

Corporate blogging is an integral part of content marketing strategy to attract customers. The presence of the company’s blog gives such obvious benefits as increased traffic and leads generation. Through a blog, a company can create the image of an expert and promote relationships with its partners. But sooner or later the question arises: what sort of content should a business focus on? Where should I get ideas for new publications? Take advantage of a few tips by marketing experts – HTP Digital, a successful Manchester-based company focusing on b2b digital marketing and online promotion.

Make use of ‘How to’ articles

These materials contain practical information to help solve a specific problem of user or share some knowledge. Typically, these articles are highly appreciated by visitors if it is something fresh and truly helpful. Your scope may include the following aspects:

  • training video posted on the channel YouTube;
  • the organization of the contest by the decision of a problem with the award winner;
  • series of articles on a particular topic;
  • FAQs with answers to frequently asked questions;
  • checklists: Review the necessary tools and resources to solve a particular problem;
  • advice in the form of cribs: how to do things faster, better and easier.
  • reviews and ratings

Reviews of various niche products, and educational materials collections and reviews are not only a great way to attract visitors to the site, but also a nice strategy to gain new customers.

If you are reviewing books give a fair assessment of the book that will stimulate your review and other visitors, partner with industry experts to give more trust to your reviews.

Studies and surveys: start a primal A/B testing or implement a large, and then publish the results and their interpretation.

Advice: advise, with the help of some tools can solve this or that problem, and compare popular products.

Reports and studies: any useful piece of information can become very popular in its niche.

Interviews can take many forms: written, audio or video format with experts in your field or related areas, the potential audience may be interested in. In addition, you can invite an expert to write the publication of your blog in the format of a guest article.

Cover use cases

Gather use cases directly or indirectly related to your products or services, thus you will be able to achieve greater trust from customers through forming its image expert. Use one of the methods for creating successful use cases:

  • cover the problem which you had to solve;
  • share practical advice on how you worked to resolve the problem;
  • recommend tools and resources that you use;
  • show the successful solution of the problem, which was on the case.

Recent niche news

Regular publication of news about the events in your industry will not give the desired effect. Of course, the published information must reflect the interests and needs of the audience, so: comment, express your opinion about the events; summarise the week, preparing summary of the most important and interesting news of the week; write about large-scale events, choosing those that are really interesting; share your thoughts and predictions regarding the trends and future of the industry.