Compensation for Slip or Trip and Sustain Injuries

Trips and slips are often the most overlooked causes of injuries – most people often think of them as minor occurrences and mostly harmless. However, they are the most common of accidents. In fact, many serious trip or slip accidents have resulted in broken bones for the victims. Work accidents and public injuries can also be traced back to mishaps like trips and falls.

What if someone trips and falls down the stairs because of a slippery surface? What if someone gets seriously injured as a consequence? Often, slips are caused due to the carelessness of others. These injuries can cause as much trauma as any other accident and may even lead to death in rare cases. However, if you feel that your injury was the result of someone else’s fault you can apply for compensation.

Claiming compensation for a slip on the roads

If you slip or trip on a construction site or a damaged spot on the road, then the authorities concerned with the repairs is responsible for your compensation. For example, if there is a pothole which has not been repaired and you trip on it to injure yourself, you should not hesitate to file a complaint.

Workplace mishaps

It is your employer’s responsibility to carry out a risk assessment and ensure that the workplace is safe and free of all possible hazards so that the chance of accidents happening is reduced to a bare minimum. So if you slip and injure yourself in your office or the compound due to uneven or slippery surfaces or obstructions, you have the right to apply for a compensation claim. Your employer will be responsible for these injuries of yours, and it will be his duty to ensure your well-being.

Applying for compensation

Before you decide to apply for compensation you should ideally have a record of all the details of the accident, including the date, time and medical reports. You can only apply for the claim if the accident in question happened less than three years ago from the time that you are filing the complaint.

You never know when you might suffer the consequences of an injury that may not have seemed like much at the time of the occurrence. You should keep track of all  medical records and fees you incurred as a result of the accident. This will make your work easier.

Taking professional help

Professional solicitors with experience in such claims can help you gain compensation, and without much hassle. You can get a list of suitable solicitors on the Solicitors Guru website.

If you feel like you cannot afford the fees and risk your financial stability, you can always seek out solicitors who offer the No Win No Fee agreement. In that case, you will have to pay no money if the solicitor loses your claim. Check out more details about arrangements on no win no fee basis in special issues.

No injuries should be ignored, even if they are caused by slips and trips. You should apply for compensation if you think you deserve it.