The benefits of using the lifecycle BIM for facility management

BIM or building information modeling is one of the most advanced approaches towards construction and building in present days. The 3D technology has always been reckoned as a top idea for the construction business. The very effective BIM consulting helps the construction firms to look, visualize, implement projects and construct the facilities. Along with that the BIM also aids in facility management so that the facility can function well for its lifetime.

What are the benefits of having Lifecycle BIM for the facility management?

  1. Controlling energy costs: One of the biggest expenses that a building owner might face today is the one for energy. Building owners across the country are wondering on ways to curb the expenses since it is not reducing and so, one has to check out for alternative sources of power to keep the homes insulated and comfortable throughout. Using BIM, the building owners can understand the values of each power source and compare the results.
  2. Reduce the cost of big renovations: Timely interventions can save the cost of repairs and damages at a great expense. By using BIM one can have a check at the different components, as per its age and then repair it in time just so that it does not end up damaging other allied parts in the building. A rusting pipeline, for instance, might need faster checks than ever. The 3D modeling of BIM helps in this process.
  3. Design as per space available: BIM is a very clear model with accurate, space-related and square ft related information. So, in case a person wishes to make best use of a closet, or a staircase landing, then a BIM model would do him justice. He would be able to renovate it and use it for better purposes.
  4. BIM for maintenance services: BIM model has provisioned for the construction firms and building owners to keep track of their asset or equipment supply in the inventory. With this, they can just use them in time for regular maintenance of the building and take care of the facility at any time.
  5. Quality of a long life: Every building owner would want his building to outlive him, and he would view it as an asset that is worth keeping. He would have spent his life paying off the loans, and so he might wish that with routine checks, and maintenance, the house remains in top shape. BIM Model shall help him do regular checks, alert him when the infrastructure needs a small repair, or even if there are ways to go for a new paint job.

While many building owners might ignore a peeling wall or a damp wall in the house, for many it might be scary. If you wish to keep your building for long, then taking care of it forms the basic requirement. So to take care of it, BIM forms the big help in hand. With accurate data, and information-related modeling done in 3 dimensions, the tool is surely the best friend of every homeowner.